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"A great professional and excellent person.
He creates a positive environment
within the entire team.
I consider him a good friend."

Helder - SL Benfica Captain - Spain, Carunha - Portugal National Team
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Fernando Aguiar

"Good Pro. Very organized which is important
at the highest levels. Always willing to do
what’s best for the team."

Fernando Aguiar - SL Benfica - Canada National Team
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"Innovator. A great and serious professional.
He is a student of the game."

Zahovic< - SL Benfica - Slovenia National Team
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Nuno Gomes

"An excellent professional. Both at Benfica and Portugal National Team. He has brought new ideas to Portugal.
Develops good relationships with the players and creates a good group dynamic."

Nuno Gomes - SL Benfica - Portugal National Team - Italy, Firotina
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"Has the spirit to motivate players."


Anderson - SL Benfica - Sweden National Team
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Tomo Sokota

"He brings new things and mixes other sports into
his training. I believe this is good and makes
training interesteing."

Tomo Sokota - SL Benfica - Croatia National Team
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Dean Sewell

"The Connecticut Soccer School (CSS) and Star Goalkeeper Academy (SGA) are two of the most effective and successful soccer camps and clinics in the Northeast Region. The programs are spearheaded by the President and lead coach, Dan Gaspar. Dan Gaspar is one of the best at individual player and team development. Coach Gaspar and his staff take pride in the development of the players not only as athletes, but as productive individuals. Dan Gaspar has been involved with soccer both locally and internationally as a player and later as a Coach. He possesses a keen knowledge of the game and his programs are aimed at improving players' skills and knowledge of the game. The CSS and SGA staff prepare technical and tactical exercises that target skill development in game-like situations. Both programs are highly recommended for soccer enthusiasts at any level of development."

Dean Sewell - Jamaican National Team - Connecticut Wolves Pro Soccer Team, Captain
Photo coming soon!

Steve Danbusky

"Coach Gaspar is an unbelievably dynamic coach. He is a great motivator and communicator who exhibits the ability to adjust his coaching style to fit whatever situation he finds himself in. Whether coaching professionals or youth soccer, goalkeepers or field players, Coach Gaspar gets results at all levels. As a player under Coach Gaspar I looked forward to training everyday due to the environment he created within the team. I've never felt more prepared to play a match than I was in my time under Coach Gaspar."

Steve Danbusky
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